Siti I & II HPPs


View of Siti river in the valley

View of Siti river in the valley

The Project

The project consists of two run-of-river hydro facilities with a total combined capacity of 21.5 MW. The project utilizes the hydro power potential of the Siti River as it drops down in a series of rapids in the village of Chesowari, in Mount Elgon region of Uganda. The project is being developed concurrently as two phases (Siti 1 – 5MW & Siti 2 -16.5 MW) – one in immediate physical succession of the other in order to optimize the utilization of the resource.

Both phases of the project will be connected to the national grid.

The project is in late stages of development

Fund Involvement 

In June 2013, DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund , became majority shareholder in the project company, Elgon Hydro Siti (PVT) Ltd., with a view to finalize project development and provide equity for the construction of the project.

Project documents

As part of the review process by external stakeholders the following documents are disclosed:

Siti HPP Updated ESIA – Executive Summary