Lubilia HPP



View of Lubilia project area

The Project

The Lubilia project is a 5.4 MW run-of-river hydro power plant utilizing the hydro power potential of the river Lubilia as it drops 264m in a series of rapids, in and around the village of Kawembe in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains in Western Uganda.

The project will be connected to the national grid.

The project is in late stages of development.

Fund InvolvementĀ 

In May 2013, DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund , became majority shareholder in the project company, Lubilia Kawembe Hydro Ltd, with a view to finalize project development and provide equity for the construction of the project.

Project documentsĀ 

As part of the review process by external stakeholders the following documents are disclosed:

Lubilia Resettlement Action Plan

Lubilia Environmental and Social Impact Statement